Repent From Hate

What is normal?

Is it normal to hate?

Is it normal to blame societal problems on small groups of people?

Is it normal to hate people different than you?

Is it normal to claim high morality if covering up wrong doings is more important than the truth?

Is it normal to hate?

Pride month, what a display of love and courage. What a time to stand with those who are actively being attacked and oppressed by people in the government. Lawmakers on the right are trying to actually make people illegal based on their personal disposition. They are doing their damnedest to suppress representation. They do not want these people to come out and live in public. They do not want others to accept them for who they are or who they love.


Growing up I remember the negative stigma the LGBTQ+ faced. Becoming a Christian I remember willing myself to call out what was taught to be sin and trying to make sense of it. I was taught to hate, taught that homosexuality was not only a sin but a choice. These were not lessons I learned from life experience. They were lessons taught in church. But living life changed that. Loving people and accepting others changed that. Growing and understanding the world better, people better, and learning how our brains work differently, led me to repent of such a hateful world view and towards loving everyone. True compassion, true love, true empathy, isn’t forcing others to change who they are. It is seeing them as they are and loving them just that way. It is unconditional. Learning to hate shouldn’t be normal.

What should be normal is to love your neighbors.

What should be normal is to stand up for the rights of others.

What should be normal is to have fair representation.

What should be normal is to stand against hate.

What is normal is to grow out of a shallow understanding of life the world and to step into the deep end of humanity with love and open arms. Humanity is a diverse, beautiful thing and can be enjoyed in all its varieties. Love is love, let others be.

Happy pride month.

Later Gator 🐊