The Power To Do

Good Morning, Let’s jump in.

Attitude + Actions + Effort = Everything you are responding for.

Don’t fuck around. Unless you are just trying to have fun. Your attitude can be influenced. It is up to you to control it. Attitude determines the experience we have in life.

The actions we take are decisions made. If we use foreknowledge, hindsight, or instinct it doesn’t matter, we choose our actions. Even if we subjugate it to others. We decide what we will do.

Our effort is all we can control. Even that is limited. We are finite beings that need to be replenished. We are not a power source. But it is what we have control over. It is the only thing we can say whether or not we put our all into or not.

But that is everything isn’t it?

Everything we are responsible for. We can change our attitude, it might be hard, but we can do it. We can take action. We control our effort. We choose how we will react to what is happening in life. We choose to either be proactive or reactive. Most of the time we choose reactive. But today, try and be proactive. Give it a shot. Do something. Then do something else.

Later Gator 🐊