Tragedy And Anger

Good Morning, Let’s go.

Anger. I am angry about another tragic school shooting. I am angry at our systems and society. I am angry at the entire fucking thing.

I am not shocked.

I am not shocked.

I am not shocked.

I am fucking angry that I don’t even feel shock at a horrific news. I am fucking angry that our “leaders” have led us to a place that this is fucking normal. I am fucking angry that they have the audacity to act as if they weren’t to blame. Those who use politics as their career to serve themes. Those who use weapons as a platform to gain favor with a select group of constituents. Those who take weapon makers money. Those who defund our schools. Those who threaten to fine and imprison teachers for teaching the truth. Those who would rather put a gun in a teacher’s hand, then spend money on mental health for our students. Those who would rather speak the language of hate instead of understanding. Those who would rather have us live in fear, than take any reasonable action. Those leaders who owe their fortune to gun lobbyists. Those leaders are to blame for my anger.

Anger isn’t a bad emotion. It is a human one. Sadness isn’t a bad emotion. It is a human one. We don’t like feeling them, because they point to what is wrong. Like a thorn in your foot, situations create pain. Knowing where it is, helps to remove it. Knowing where our emotional pain is coming from helps us know where to begin to fix it. As a continually grieving society, we need to do better. We need compassionate leaders, who will not be bought. We need people who look forward to a brighter future and actively work to get there. We need to be a more loving society.

I am sorry.

Life is fucked up. My hope is out of this tragedy a people are spurred into action. That we do not take life as it is. That we change it. Everyone has a responsibility to make this world and our society better. Most negate it by thinking of themselves above everyone else. Life is about service. Sometimes our discontent for a situation pushes us into service because our calling is to stand against the evil in the world.

Later Gator 🐊