The post I didn’t post this morning.

Good Morning, let’s dive in.

Yesterday was another tragedy in America. Another FUCKING school shooting. It is a political issue. It has everything to do with how we govern and who we have in charge. It is a weapons issue. It is a mental health issue. It is a societal issue. It is a left vs. right issue.

I went to bed last night. As I looked at my ceilings I thought about those poor parents. I couldn’t imagine how they were going to live. Their children, their future, and their hearts ripped apart. Someone they didn’t know had a problem. Someone they didn’t know had a problem that wasn’t theirs.

That is part of the tragedy. We have been lied to. We have been told we are individuals. We are Americans. We have been cut off from each other. We have been dissected and hung up for all to see. The American family unit had horrible foundations and now the house is falling in.

America has a mental health problem. We do not take care of people until they are in the worst situation and even then it is only if they can afford it. It is only when they hit destitute that our government acting on our behalf will step in.

Note about this post

I wrote this post and then wrote the other post. Without consideration here is this morning’s post.