Experience is Hindsight Knowledge

Good Morning, let’s jump in.

Don’t worry about getting things right the first time. It is a waste of your emotional energy, worry that is. Worry is imagining only a negative outcome and ultimately manifesting that outcome. Worry is only good in the planning stage. After you plan to do something worrying doesn’t help. It isn’t even reactive to something that is actually happening. It is an emotional visualization of negativity and most of the time it is bullshit.

Planning is the only time you should worry. After that you should have faith. After faith you should be active. Why worry while planning you might ask? Well, if we plan for things to go smoothly, we will be ill prepared for when they don’t. But if we take the time to shit on our plans, to ask “what if” and then imagine things going wrong, then we can worry at that moment. Worry becomes our secret weapon to good planning. It shouldn’t make us cast doubts on our dreams, but it adequately prepares us for the struggles ahead.

The key to getting something going is to start. If we worry about getting something right the first time we will never have the experience of doing it. Without that experience, we cannot gauge where we are at and how to course correct while we are getting there. “Do it right the first time.” is a saying for people with a lot of experience doing it wrong. Doing anything right the first time requires know how. Most of the time, MOST OF THE TIME you can do it over. With that you will get better. With that you will gain experience and instincts that will help you gauge where you are at in a project or life and how to do better.

Just start. We have a crazy summer ahead of us, do what you can with what you got. Getting a little better everyday adds up and then multiples.

Later Gator 🐊