The Burrito of Goal Setting

Good Morning, let’s go.

Have you ever had a loose burrito? You know what I mean. A burrito with everything a burrito has, but not wrapped tight. It’s fucking annoying. You have to watch it, the foodstuff is always on a kamikaze mission for the floor. Then you watch as the good burrtio stuffing falls out. Instead of eating it with one hand like a goddamn adult, you are eating it like a child. Two fucking hands. One to hold it the other to keep that shit together long enough to get to your mouth. Fucking ridiculous. And that is what most people look like when they start a new job. Yeah, they’re getting it done, but they’re a mess.

You and I are no different when it comes to setting new goals. We are new to the job. We hired ourselves on commission to get something done. We only get the payout when the job is done. If we want the job done in a timely manner, we have to set constraints. Like a good fucking burrito. The tighter we are on time, actions, and direction the better we will be at getting shit done.

The problem most of us have is we don’t keep our shit together. We don’t know what we are doing, so important and unimportant things fall by the wayside. If you know what you want and you are going to commission yourself to get it done, be specific. Act as if you are writing down instructions for someone else. They can’t read your mind. You know what you want done, so be explicit where you can. If they have questions, then they can come to you. But if they know the job they got to get done, trust that your details will be enough to guide them in the moment like a fucking adult- with a tightly wrapped burrito. One handed!

Later Gator 🐊


Really though, don’t trust yourself to figure things out in the moment. Write down as much as you can before you get going on your plans. Treat yourself as an employee.