The Choices You Make Before You Show Up

Good Morning, let’s go.

There is a flawed assumption most people have and it is summarized in a single saying, “We will figure it out when we get there.” That shit just isn’t true. For instance, if I were to ask what you were going to do at the gym? The gym is the best example of being in control of your life and time by the way. Because it is a lot like our modern life. It is a safe place, you get what you put in, and there is a shit ton of different ways to get what you want. Back to what are you going to do when you get to the gym. If you said, “I’m gonna do ten pull ups, then run on the treadmill for 15 minutes, and then triceps extension till failure.” I would have no fucking clue what you were up to. I would assume you had a reason. But if you just walked in and that is what sounded good to you, it’s silly. And that is how most people show up to everything. They don’t have a purpose or set an intention. They just assume they are going to have something happen when they show up.

Alright, a wallflower is one because they choose to be. I know, I know fear, insecurity, and introverted, but they go with the intention of sitting it out. They go to the dance ready to stand against the fucking wall and watch others give up on their insecurities and dance. They didn’t set the intention to go out and have a good time.

When we show up in life, it is up to us to set both our purpose and intentions. Back to the gym, one day, one workout, one set is all part of a bigger goal. Everything we do either works towards our goal or detracts from it. Lose weight, build muscle, gain endurance, doesn’t matter; each workout serves its purpose. You set the purpose with the goal you have- even if it is to maintain a healthy weight. When you step into the gym, you also set your intention. Are you going to enjoy it? Are you going to be serious? Are you going to build community with fellow gym members? Are you going to die?

The same goes for work. Are you going to be a miserable asshole? Are you going to have fun? Are you going to try and move up? Are you going to be serious? Are you going to build a community with your fellow coworkers?

In life we have the option to show up with our own purpose, we can set our own intentions, and we can follow it up with action. It doesn’t matter where we go or what we choose to do; we can either be somewhere doing something on purpose or we can pretend we are going to figure out what we are doing when we ge there.

Later Gator 🐊