You Are In Control of Your Time And Energy

Good Morning, Let’s go.

You are the creative power in the world.

You are the life blood of our society.

You are the good times.

You are the vibe we are missing.

What we do with our time matters. What we choose to spend our only precious life energy on matters. We don’t get them back. That is why people get mad when you waste their time. It is why fear of missing out is a motivator. We are not here for a long time. We do not have infinite energy or attention. What we have is a clock that is ticking down. Our friends and family will all have a grave maker some day. We will end this life as we know it.

Fighting for justice, equality, and peace is worth the time and energy.

Building schools, community groups, and each other is worth the time and energy.

Making art, falling in love, caring for your family is worth the time and energy.

Most of the things in this life take a mindset to enjoy.

Most people will trade what is important for what they think should be important.

Your life is yours.

People have no problem with trading your time and energy for money. We all do it. Every time you shop a human somewhere is involved. When you make a career for yourself, you are in charge of the ladder and choose what building you are climbing. If you just move up in a company, someone else is in charge of the ladder and the building. They will act as if letting you climb the ladder is meaningful. All they can really offer you is more money and responsibilities. Your life, your purpose, you get to decide if what you do has value. Not the person who is making money and time off your efforts.

Later Gator šŸŠ