Four Dimensions of Being

Good Morning, let’s go.

We have so many options in life.

We also have so many limitations.

Admitting them both isn’t easy.

But it is necessary to figure out Your life.

Let’s be straight with each other.

The world is fucking changing.

You need to be ready for whatever comes next.

The only way to be ready is to work on yourself. We are going to imagine you live in four dimensions. Those four being; emotional, physical, intellectual, and communal.

Each of those four dimensions have a role in how you live. They determine a huge portion of your daily happiness. They also determine how well you can or cannot handle change. They also determine how well you change too.

All of the dimensions are interconnected and supportive. They not only propel you through life, but are in fact here to keep you safe. They don’t just sit in survivor mode. No, these MF’ers are here to help you thrive. The stronger each gets the better you are able to live.

It is up to you to build them.

There isn’t going to be one way to do so.

Each takes time. Each will take real thought. Each will take building a practice to become better at it. Each dimension is being lived out right now. It is up to you to work on it, while living in it. It is equivalent to building a parachute while in free fall. Alright, it is much slower than that, but life is still moving. It is up to you to learn new skills in each dimension and to deliberately practice them.

Becoming emotionally strong has a lot to do with your attitude.

Becoming physically strong has a lot to do with self control- doing hard things.

Becoming intellectually strong is building up creativity and reasoning thinking.

Becoming communally strong has to do with helping and getting help from others

The end game isn’t to be the best. The end game is to have lived a life you enjoyed.

Building the four dimensions of who you are, will make you not only changeable, but advanced at seeing what you can and cannot do. It will give you insight as to when you need help and when you are the help. It will give you a humble confidence and ingratiate you to others. Don’t think this is going to change who you are. If worked on it will only make you better at navigating life. Eventually you will move passed the chaos inside and learn to maneuver yourself outside. You will make more moves in the real world. You will adjust to what is happening and at the same time make things happen. It is called growing from the inside out. Like a seed in the dirt, to a tree supporting life.

Later Gator 🐊


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