Dreams to Give Up

Good Morning, let’s start.

Giving up sucks. Emotionally, it is a hard thing to do. But the reality is most of us need to give up on some dreams. We have dreams of doing something grand. We have dreams of becoming the guy or gal in the room that everyone has eyes on. We dream of fortune above our ability. We dream… We need to give up on dreams we are not chasing or we need to stop giving time and thought to dreams we are never going to chase.

There are options. There are fantasies. There are dreams sold to us that fuck us over. I work with a variety of people in a labor intensive field. I have known people who educate themselves out of it. I have known people who injure themselves out of it. I have seen what action vs inaction has done to a person’s moral. There are people who are satisfied with their station in life. They have settled. Their hope and happiness depend on the day. They have no control or vision for their future. When I say give up on dreams you are not chasing; I am not telling you to be like them. I don’t want you to settle. That is not what life is about. I want you to give up on dreams that you are not working on.

I wish there were an escalator that made our dreams come true. I wish the secret was real. I wish robots took over the means of production and eliminated our labor force. I wish we could all be rich and enjoy the goodness of the earth. I wish. Wishing isn’t going to change shit. Effort, intelligence, and connections will help us make dreams come true. But first we must give up on dreams that are not for us.

Someday dreams, those take our mental state away from two things; the work and our real dreams. The more you dream of a cabin in the woods away from everyone, the less you dream of writing your book. The more you dream of being on a yacht, the less you dream of building your small business. The more you dream of wealth the less you build for it. Most of us do not think in terms of action. We do not dream about doing things unless it is sex. Our nature is to rest. To store up calories. That is why it is easy for most people to be stagnant. It is easier to dream about a vacation than it is to earn one. We dream about outcomes we have no intentions on making a reality.

Most people who are born in affluence do not have to earn their place in this world. The leverage of money gives them it. For the rest of us, we have to earn what we get and learn to leverage that into our dreams. We have to dream about how to make the most out of work. We have to dream about educating ourselves. We have to dream about the people we will meet who will help us and work with us. We have to dream of doing something more, something important. We have to dream of being in control of our destiny. We have to dream of a better tomorrow, one we do not want to escape from, but rise to.

What most people fail to realize is our biggest dreams come from the work we dream to accomplish.

Later Gator 🐊