Opportunity And Growth

Good Morning, let’s jump in.

Create your own opportunities.

But you must know before you do.

Creating your own opportunities isn’t for the faint hearted.

But everyone has to do it.

We have to do it in different ways, but we still have to.

Most of us aren’t born into opportunities.

Most of us spend our lives not knowing we grow into opportunities.

Our unique contribution to society doesn’t come out of no where.

Our purpose as a part of the tribe is in service to the tribe.

Our ability to function as a part of society is being part of it.

Our talents weren’t meant for us alone.

The arts were meant for everyone.

The land we care for is meant for everyone.

The cities we build are meant for everyone.

The technology we develop is meant for everyone.

Those we lead, look to us for help.

Those we lead, we look to them for help.

Those who are oppressed look for help.

Those who face their fears help.

Athletes inspire others.

Teachers guide others to help others.

Creating your own opportunity is a mindset. It is a way of looking at what you are good at and helping others with it. It is looking at skills and skill building as a way to serve others. It isn’t about you and what you perceive to be successful. It is about the love and growth you go through in this short life. It isn’t about being the miserable bastard at the top of the ladder. It is about being the child who loved to climb trees.

In all honesty, creating opportunities has to do with you taking control of your life. When you decide to create them, make sure you have the skills and mindset to achieve them. It is okay to create skills, and to foster talents and abilities for your own profit. Just be sure you are being of service and not being put into servitude. Sometimes we make our own best traps because we use the wrong expectations.

Later Gator 🐊