Politics and People

Politics is a beast that comes to steal your peace.

People need to get along. People need rules to live by. People are both good and evil. People are imperfect. People have had many ways of self governance. People have bent the knee to political ideologies and lost their humanity and freedom. People need politics like a campfire needs rocks.

Politics shouldn’t be a burden on the people. Politics shouldn’t be divisive. Politics should seek justice for all. Politics should seek to make every individual as free as possible without injuring others or the community. Politics should be the sword and shield of justice, not the enslaver of its own people. Politics should be run by decent, pillars of communities, for the common good. Politics shouldn’t put money over people. Politics as human self governance should invest in people. Politics should invest in our natural resources, our public education, our public health. Politics as governance of people shouldn’t be controlled by religious sects or corporations. Politics should have no place for bad politicians who line their own pockets and relish division.

Unjust laws are made to control people. Unjust politicians create laws on behalf of one group. Unjust politicians betray those they should serve. Unjust politicians do whatever they can to keep power. Unjust politicians do not seek reconciliation. Unjust politicians demonize their opponents. Unjust politicians will twist the truth with lies and deny their own fault. Unjust politicians miss the good old days when hate and bigotry were acceptable practices. Unjust politicians use hate to build walls, cells, and prison camps. Unjust politicians use big government to force their moral views and criminalize others behaviors.

It is for us to build a better society. Not just by working on ourselves, but by working with others. It is on us to not only seek our own prosperity but that of our neighbors too. A better society doesn’t come through stricter laws, but through opportunities and peace. A better society doesn’t come through handouts from NGOs, but through government investing in its people. A better society is built with the help of good politicians who invest in resources to help the poor, build safer neighborhoods by removing scarcity, and creating opportunities. Politicians are tools of society to shepherd resources along so that they have a return in peace and prosperity.

We live in a time of unjust politicians.

It is for us to seek justice, to sway others peacefully, to seek the well being of all. IT is for us to pick better politicians. It is for us to choose those who would fight for our freedoms and the well-being of the weak.

Later Gator 🐊