It Is Good To Be You

Good Morning, let dive in.

If you cannot be yourself and accept your fuck ups, you will not be happy.

Cringe moments, the feeling of embarrassment, and the shame of making a mistake are life threatening. They hold most people back from really living. They can’t take the emotional pain of put themselves out there. I feel that pain in my core. It fucking hurts. Imagine how fun it would be fun to sing karaoke. But this bitch clams up and nothing comes out, even when drinking.

Most people feel the pain of everyday moments in the spotlight like a vamprie in the sun. They hurt when it becomes their time to shine. They fall in line and behind, hiding away from the spotlight. Which isn’t the end of the world, but they shy away even there is no spotlight. They imagine someone or a group of people cares, when they don’t.

Most people don’t give two fucks what you are doing. It;s one of the reasons I think TikTok so great. There is no hiding, people put their faces to video and share it with the world. They are free to communicate and try to have fun. They are free to embarrass themselves. Here’s the thing, trolls and haters will always be there. Their opinions are worthless. The shitty thing though is we let their thoughts influence ours. We hide who we are and what we think. We become less of ourselves and more of a shit version of who we could be when we let them have a say.

The ability to accept yourself, your flaws, and fuck ups, matters to your happiness. It is also the ultimate Fuck you to the trolls and haters.

When you accept who you are it makes your ability to grow as a person possible. Like a tree in proper conditions you will flourish. We will have our limits and those won’t make us any less beautiful, but the opposite. Our constrains from who we are and our perspectives. We learn to accept others and appreciate them. We become part of a human whole a tribe working together to fill each others needs. We accept that we cannot do it all. We appreciate what others do for us. We come to the realization that our life is limited on time and we can only do what the Almighty has put in our life to do. We are not responsible for doing more. Once we accept ourselves, we can forgive ourselves when we fuck up and move on. We can apologize to those we hurt or let down, but we move on. That moving on is what leads to happiness. We don’t always fuck up, we don’t always make ourselves cringe, we don’t always embarrass ourselves, in fact we do alright 99% of the time.

My time just ran out, I have to get on to work now.

Later Gator 🐊