Life Don’t Need You

Good Morning, Let’s Go.

Life is a ruthless bitch. She will take from you until you are ass deep in debt. This bitch will cut you and then yell at you for bleeding on her rug. Shit, if you’re not careful she’ll cut you cuz you bled on her rug. She is a boss ass bitch and she isn’t going to partner up with some lazy piece of shit who don’t know what they want. She isn’t yours to rule. She makes your dreams come true when you commit to her. But she ain’t no slut. Shit, she doesn’t give it out for nothing. She wants a partner. She wants someone with a plan and a vision. This cutthroat bitch isn’t playing. If you come at her like she is, you look the fool. Your actions have consequences and she has a long memory. Don’t play with her. Don’t waste her time. She is going places, get on her level. Don’t act like she is common place or you might lose her. Boss up and take this lady out.

Later Gator 🐊