The Hamster Wheel of Life

Good Morning, let’s go.

Most of us have our own personal mental traps. Our own self-made hamster wheel. I had the very unpleasant experience of confronting mine this weekend and will do so for the rest of the week.

We do things in hope they will make our life better. But that is not always the case. Imagine for a moment, there’s a book that claims to help you get rich. You buy it, shit you feel accomplished. You made progress. You took the first step. Progress baby, then you finished the first chapter. You are on a roll. You either, did or most likely didn’t do what the book prescribed in or at the end of the first chapter. You might have said I will go back when I am done reading the book to apply it. The next day you plan to read another chapter. Life and your mental energy get in the way. Eight weeks later, surprise, surprise, surprise, you don’t ever pick that bitch up again. Not until you need to find a place for it on your bookshelf. Not too long after that, you come across a new book with the same promise. You buy it with the same intention and the hamster wheel goes on.

This doesn’t just happen with books, of course. There are online courses, gym memberships, gear, journals, cookware, and clothing. All of these fresh starts, restarts, and feelings of accomplishments keep you at the beginning.

We have choices to change. The first is actually to see it through. Finish what you start. The second is to stop starting. The third is to actually put it on a list of things you will actually do. Rank all the things you want to do in order of priority and passion; shit you want to do then do them. Fourth you can quit. Take all that shit you bought and get rid of it. Clear your plate. No shame in cleaning up.

We are all human and get interested in things. We will always try something new. What creates a mental trap isn’t the new thing, it is the expectation that it will change us for the better. We want something or someone else to do the work for us. Information no matter how good is worthless in the hands of someone who will not use it, just like a gym membership.

We have choices. We can start again. We can continue. We can finish. We can quit. Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is acknowledging we started down the wrong path. The steps after that don’t get easier, but lead somewhere. We just need to take time away from our life to see it. A hamster wheel doesn’t go anywhere, just like most of our plans.

Later Gator 🐊