Do You Boo

Good Morning, Let’s jump in.

The rest of the day is yours. It is yours to react to. It is yours to act on. You are free to interact with life.

Don’t fucking make an excuse as to why you cannot do shit you want. The world doesn’t give two shits about your reasons for not doing something.

The world really doesn’t care if you hide in a cave, but I do. The excuses we make hurt us in the long run. Most of us do not know how to act without being given permission. We are insecure in our ability to take our lives in our own hands.

Most people need the confidence of a title to take any kind of action. They hide behind a job to do something with their lives. They don’t realize they are free to do damn near anything they want. They do not think or act for themselves, but are willing to do so on behalf of a company. They do not believe they can kick ass and take names just by being. Don’t be like most people. Life is improv, act like it.

The world doesn’t care if you hide in a cave, but it will give two shits if you make it your playground.

The confidence to initiate a life you want is yours for the taking.

Later Gator 🐊