Information Age and Consumer Habits Are Not For Thinkers

Good Morning, let’s go.

Not everyone thinks. They may have initial thoughts, reactions, or insight, but that is as far as it goes. Most people do not stop to think. They read headlines of an article assume it is true. Shit, they read the headline and believe they read the article. Their understanding of what goes on is like a kid thinking fruity cereal is actual fruits. The mindset of a thinker is a questioner, someone willing to push back on the information presented. They don’t push back because they think they are right. No, they push back to better understand the Information presented.

Most of the people we know have learned to consume information passively. When I was a kid they called it the idiot box. People who watched TV and just absorbed what was said. As I look around today, I realize that our society is set up for dumbed down thinking. There are plenty of reasons for it and plenty of people who prosper from it. They do not need people to really think. They do the thinking and questioning for them. They speculate on behalf of their passive audience and by doing so, that the audience feels they have thought about it themselves. The audience feels like they thought through the problem with the host. They don’t realize their thinking was guided and informed by someone else.

The forms of passive information dispensation have not only accelerated, but the reach has blossomed into a bed of snakes across the world. Passive learning isn’t the enemy, liars and con artist are. Those who would deceive for power, influence, money are the enemies of truth and thought. A long time ago someone figured out that attention is valuable. Attention is a goldmine. Attention is power. They figured out if they teach their audience, they control the narrative and their world view. If they get a big enough audience people will pay them to speak on their behalf. If they get a big enough audience, people will pay them to speak on their behalf and other people will pay to listen. This process has multiplied. It has happened to the extent that those who speak have either a watered down version or the weakest copy of a copied idea. And they do not know how to think about the subject on their own.

Not all information outlets are cons and swindlers. Not all easy to consume information is bullshit. Not all people who can speak smoothly are out only for themselves. But all benefit from the inability of others to reason for themselves. They benefit from the audiences passive attitude. They benefit from the audience, not questioning their motives. They benefit from a human history of orally passing on information as needed to survive. We listen to others to learn, to function as a society, to get shit done. We now need to learn to think on our feet and think about what we hear, read, and see.

Later Gator 🐊