The Greatest, Serves

Good Morning, let’s do this.

There is a difference between those who are given much to condemn themselves and those who are given much to bless others. Each builds their lives in a way that either makes one generous or greedy. It doesn’t what a person starts with. The Almighty unlike us doesn’t care about the origin of a person, only the character- they choose to be. That character is revealed as the Almighty asks through real situations in their life. Unlike us, the hand of the Universe uses all the moments in a person’s life to ask who they will be. From catalytic moments to the mundane choice of what to eat, there is a question; “Who do you want to be?” The Almighty doesn’t always use words, but speaks into our lives through our lives. In reflective moments, we can see when we refuse a call or heed it.

Who you become, is partly your choice. You have a foundation. You are not a blank slate. There are genetic traits, environmental survival patterns, upbringing, and social exposure and pressures that influence who you become. Are they set in stone- no, they are engraved in your mind. They are the creases in your brain and the chemical reactions to what the fuck is going on. Each a different start with a different story. No matter what, the Almighty roots for the person to be a hero, to do good, to overcome and triumph. But the Almighty will let them become a villain and a tool for the Adversary. The story is still in the hand of the Universe- it just turns into a tragedy or horror. What the Adversary uses for evil, the Almighty can turn for good. There is always a divine light at the end of a tunnel, it is a matter of striving for it.

“The greatest among you will be your servant.” Jesus said it, don’t forget it. Not because you have to be a Christian for that statement to be true. It is true. Your world starts to make sense; when you realize your path to becoming the greatest version of yourself, becoming the hero in your story, and living your best life now starts when you look outside yourself and serve others. It happens when the hand of the Almighty gives you a glimpse of what gifts you have that you are to use for others benefit. You are to be the blessing the Universe manifests in the world.

The choice to serve yourself is always going to be there. A false sense of fulfillment is what is promised from the Adversary. It is up to you to choose the higher road, the harder road, a life that is made for more than you can imagine. There are echoes and ripples of goodness when you show up to life to serve. Think of it as a karmic cannonball- your good deeds splash everyone in the pool. Every action of service builds into the person you will become.

When your life isn’t about you, but about serving others it, it doesn’t matter where you start. All that matters is how you live. How you live, determines who you become. We do not serve to get, we do not serve out of greed, we serve because our greatest life now is what the Almighty rewards with love and glory. In serving, we find purpose, passion, and peace above all that we live out love. WE are love manifest.

Later Gator 🐊