Goals and Effort

Good Morning, Let’s roll!

Goal setting is guess work. Especially if can only assume doing certain things will attain a certain outcome. When the goal something outside of your normal experience, you don’t know what to expect. Which leaves you a question mark with the amount of effort it will take to achieve the goal. If it is something you have done before you know what you are in for. You know what it’s going to take to accomplish the goal. Like going for a long run you know what to bring and what to leave. A new goal will leave you with gaps of information missing.

Once you embark on the goal, you may realize you planned for minimum effort. You thought something would be easier. You and most of the people alive missed the part of the plan where mindset and effort will be challenged. The work you planned might be falling short. It was based on an assumption of how things will go. It is when reality strikes that you will either, talk yourself out of continuing or talk yourself into restarting. Some will talk themselves out of the goal entirely.

Every goal we set for ourselves is a personal mountain. It is a destination of importance to us. It is not a walk on the beach, it is a trial by endurance. When we really get started, we learn our efforts might not be enough. They might not get us to where we want to be in time. Most people push the goal off. They give it more time. They do not change their assumed strategy to get where they are going. They do not push harder. Shit, sometimes they continue and just fall flat as their time table falls apart, I lived this reality more than once. But what they need to do is increase their efforts.

Increasing your effort isn’t, going to be easy. But the mountain is going to require more than your normal efforts. Your will to achieve the mountain top is going to require a lot from you. The further along you get, the more it will pull from every piece of your mind and body. You will have to adapt and adjust what you are doing in real time. You will rely on affirmations and mantras to keep your mind in the right space. You will have to see obstacles and setbacks as opportunities and setups. You will have to come to the conclusion that your initial efforts were shit. Not wasted just not enough.

It is you vs. the mountain. What matters now is answering the question the Almighty puts before you, “How bad do you want it?” Then you answer with your life. You answer in your head a thousand times, through the pain, in the darkness, and as the goal seems further away as the pain demands you quit.

It all has to start somewhere. It starts with the goal. It is okay to assume what it will take to get there. Don’t be surprised when you underestimated the challenge. Just push harder.

Later Gator ­čÉŐ