The Mountain Is Yours

Good Morning, Let’s jump in.

You are not finished. If you are reading this, there’s still time to grow, to experience love and laughter. You can still set an intention for your life. When you do the Almighty will set you up to actualize it. The hand of the Universe will test you and bless you. The World will will shape a mountain before you to conquer. The Almighty is on the side of those who will. To each an obstacle is given and to each, it is an opportunity or excuse. To whom much is given, much will be required. You my dear friend are on the brink of personal glory.

Your mindset is what matters. When you see or feel something is in your way, you have to convince yourself, you can fucking accomplish anything. You are a badass or a badass in the making. You are putting in the hard work, because life doesn’t get easier. So you have to get better. Doing hard things levels your shit up. It makes things that once were hard for you easy. It is why experience matters. Some shit in life just takes time. Some courage. For you will power.

The mountain was built before time by the Almighty to test those willing to climb. The reward is a view few will ever see.

Later Gator 🐊