The Socail Standards and Some Sh!T on How Things Are

Good Morning, Let’s roll.

Don’t FUCKING measure your life by the standards of society. There are rich people who had all of the advantages, connections, and good genetics. There are poor people who had only one disadvantage and it wouldn’t let them rise out of their life’s situation. There are physically gifted athletes that never tried the sport that was made for them because it was too expensive. There are physically gifted athletes who never tried a sport that would have propelled them to greatness, because they had to focus on school. There are kids who will never reach their genius because they have to focus on survival, not grades.

The list of disparates can get worse from abuse and neglect to affluence and preparation for life.

The reality is, for most of us the life we are born into has a perpetual effect on us upon till we die. Even then when the people we love are too poor to bury us and they take our ashes home as the last disparity is a coffee can in the closet vs. the family mausoleum. The empty epitaph of struggle against to survive vs. the pats on the back for the hard work without recognition of the mountain top and climbing gear some people are born with.

For Western history life is about what you collect and how you can control others. It is a rat race and those privileged to be born at the top, they not only get control, they also get more. They take and take and justify their theft as if they earned every penny by owning the business others labor under. They justify their spoils because the rules allow them to without acknowledging they make the rules.

It is by their standards we have come to judge our own lives. Not blessed is the meek, or blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. It is happy is he who owns more than he needs and hordes wealth and land while his brothers and sisters die of want. Blessed is the one who can drive past the poor in luxury and take their fill of all others have to give. There is a secret. There is a secret to poverty, to being low on the totem pole. We don’t pretend to be something or someone we aren’t. We learn to content ourselves with what really matters, family, friendship, and a good laugh. We surrender the rat race to the top and enjoy the life we can- even in the struggle. We might have been beaten down, but we still have enough heart to get up everyday and make the best of what we got.

This post is brought to you by the FUCKING Republicans for having a plan that calls for ending Social Security and Medicare in 5 years. I work with people who have worked their whole life in labor and are depending on those programs to actually retire. They come to work beaten and broken. They do not have the luxury Republican leaders do to retire when they hit a certain age. Life is fucked up and these programs are what is keeping Americans alive and out of medically caused bankruptcy. But when all your friends are wealthy it is hard to see the poor, you don’t have to go anywhere near them.

Good morning, by the way. I get we live in a society that pretends in equality. I just happen to live in reality. The reality is poor people will always be shit on and their voices taken from them because they are made to feel less than and not worthy of a voice. Their schools are intentionally underfunded and shit on because they are. If from grade school until graduation, we learned how every branch of the government operated, was funded, and how every voter actually matters in local and federal polls, we would have different people in office and different people running for all offices in our government. But ignorance has been the staple of our public education system in this regard. Rant over!

To make this applicable to you. Most people find their life’s purpose in discontent with the status quo and/or rising against injustice. Their purpose and passion is to change a fucked up situation. So, if you have that fire in your belly to do some good, start.

Later Gator 🐊


P.S. Sorry for not having time for a quick edit of this post. If you are new here I write and publish before I head to work in the morning. It is almost like a morning journal, anyway. Forgive me my grammatical and punctuation errors, Amen.