Imperfection Is A Gift

Good Morning, Let’s jump in.

We all have to face the fact that we won’t be the best at everything. I know, in our minds, there is someone who is. You know the old saying, “No one is perfect” In my opinion everyone is blessed with imperfections. This gives us all two things, the first gives us relatability, the second is gives us empathy.


Unless you see your imperfection as a weakness. If you see imperfections as weaknesses, you might hide them, deny them, or work on them as if you can overcome them. Some weaknesses when worked on become just sub par of an average person’s best. Some weaknesses when denied, cuts us off from other people really seeing us. Some weaknesses when hidden become a fatal flaw, because we never learn to accept them and who we are; imperfect beings, winging it, and doing the best we can.

Imperfections seen for what they are become strengths. They become communication and connection points with others. They allow us to relate to anyone knowing they are imperfect too. Some imperfections can be worked on but most must be worked with. Our imperfections don’t make us less than. Our imperfections make us who we are. They make us beautiful. They demand from us creativity.

In a world that pretends to adore perfection, if you look closer you will see WE truly value imperfect people. Which means we value you.

Later Gator 🐊