Starting Over is Okay

Good Morning, Lets jump in.

There are a lot of Mondays left in the year. A lot of chances to start over, start small. We are also getting to another endpoint, or should I say another new beginning in 2022. We will have finished one third of the year. So starting in May we will have two, four month periods to live in. Two new beginnings? And the only reason we will do that is so you have another chance to start over mentally.

The world doesn’t care if TODAY is your big day. If today is the day you start over. Your brain cares. If it can start from scratch than let it. Don’t give yourself shit for starting over for the millionth time. Congratulate yourself for not taking the L. For not just quitting, giving up, and saying “I tried” No, not you. You are back in it. The prize for you is too personal, it is too much to let go. The prize for you is who you will become when you achieve it. Reassure yourself it is okay. Build a mindset of encouraging yourself for doing something.

Most of our goals have to do with who we want to be. Our goals require us to level up in life and as a person. If you want to lose weight, get in shape, or add muscle that is all about a person who put in the work to have those things. It is a life style and mentally. The same thing goes for certain careers and financial matters. Starting over and creating new metrics based on feedback from the last failure is a great way to grow and adapt.

For most of us growing into the person we want to be is everything skipped in the movies. It is the boring part they make into a musical montage of the work. In reality, this shit isn’t glamorous, it is fucking boring and hard. That is why most people quit. The mind numbing pain of boredom of repetition. The brutal reality that there’s no instant results. Most of our goals are a marathon distance away from where we are. Becoming a person who lives the life we want is done through trial and error. It is achieved through doing. It is why practice makes perfect.

Becoming is hard. We all fail a lot more around the start than in the middle or at the end. So start as many times as you need to. What you might not know is every new beginning is still getting you there. Eventually you will see what is holding you back from continuing and you will overcome that too.

Later Gator 🐊