Birthdays Are Personal New Years

Good Morning, Let’s be quick.

Every year we each have a personal New Year. A day we measure our lives by and set hopes for the upcoming year. At least I do. Most of it falls flat like all New Year’s resolutions. But some time we surprise ourselves. Sometimes we actually grow a little. Sometimes we had a year of unexpected play. Sometimes we just make it around the sun and that is worth celebrating.

I know there are plenty of people, myself included sometimes, that are disappointed, when a new birthday hits. We aren’t where we want to be. We had a rough year, decade, life, and shit don’t seem to end. But our perspective is what needs to change. Our vantage point needs to shift. Our ability to handle shit needs to level up. Every year the Birthday comes around and we measure ourselves, our lives and it doesn’t add up to what we wanted it to be.

Here is the thing, Superman and Batman don’t pull people from the grip of poverty, depression, or dead end jobs- there’s no superhero coming to save you. Why? Because you are the FUCKING HERO, this life is your story, you just need to be willing to grow into it. Take risks, make mistakes, learn new skills, and gain understanding of people and how the world works. In this world of bullshit, BE THE BULL. Birthdays don’t have to be woe to me, they can be a day of resolution, of intentions, and of attitude changes. Those three soft metrics can change your whole world. So, when your birthday hits, go out and kill it. Have the intention to laugh more, the resolution to play and joke around daily, the attitude of this life is meant to be enjoyed and I am here to be of service. Take it lightly and the almighty will push your slow moving ass to the finish line.

Happy birthday to Me! 😘

This post was brought to you by another year of reflection.

Later Gator 🐊