To Whom Much Is Given, Much Will Be Required.

Good Morning, let’s get to it.

There’s something alluded to when you have kids, but never really talked about. Kids are free to fuck up their life without your consent. Every stage they are free to fuck up and at every stage they are free to blame you. At every stage they can find some reason to not be responsible for their thoughts, actions, and misguided understanding of life. Yet, you could do the best you can and if you do; they will still have a mind of their own and fuck things up. To be honest that is okay. As a parent, we know we are not perfect. I am sure we all have some hindsight moments and think that is going to have repercussions.

But it isn’t all nurture. Naw, these fucker’s are born preprogramed. They have personality traits, talents, and flaws right from the jump. They inherit shit from both sides of the family. Great granddaddy and grandma had a part to play. Even ambition or lack there of is inherited in my opinion. These are people we are dealt. We do our best to keep them alive and to help them succeed. But we cannot do it for them.

The same goes for those put in leadership positions. You are dealing with a whole batch of people that you have no control over. Shit most of you didn’t pick’em HR did. They may make your life harder than it should be. Fuck them kids. But it is your job to equip them with what is necessary and guide them so the whole team, company, or tribe can succeed. And Just like kids they are responsible for their success. The best thing is unlike kids, they can be kicked off the team. Sometimes I wish I could. Not, permanently, just enough to be like “You got it good. Don’t fuck it up! In fact, take advantage as much as you can” Try to teach them some gratitude.

We are not responsible for the success of the people in our life. We are not supposed to live out their journey for them. We can only be guides or help to others while we ourselves are on journeys. Shit, we are all trying to get somewhere. The best we can get from others is traveling companions, a squad to go with, a tribe to live with. But they are not responsible for our journey and we are not responsible for theirs. We each play a part like in a play- each a main character in their own lives the rest helping to move the story along. Everyone is free to fuck up a good thing, take advantage of it, or walk away from it. Each one of us has multiple paths we could take each would shape who we become. The biggest enemy in our life is within.

(More on that some other day)

Most of our journeys are about overcoming. The Almighty is an infinite story teller and has put it in you to interact with what is and what could be. Our life and our children’s lives will be The Almighty asking, “How bad do you want it?” our dreams that is and it will be for us to respond with action. Each a responsibility and freedom, each bound by the matrix of what is and what could be. Each the privilege of trying. Each of us live stories of triumphs, tragedies, and comedies. Some of us live with the flaw of thinking we only existed in one storyline. We play a role in others lives as large or as small as needed- no more, no less. But we must choose to live to make it a fun story at the least.

We are not responsible for others success, just our part in the story. Your part in any one else’s story is being the best you, which is loving, outgoing, and growing. I guess you can throw nurturing in their too. But your part is best played when you are being you on an adventure of growth.

Later Gator 🐊


P.S. Our lives are lived in community. Social Justice Warriors are playing a great role in society. We need more people to realize their inner journey will not take place in a bubble on a yoga mat, but in the world actively making it good. Be they, lawyers, police, business owners, politicians, bus drivers, school teachers, construction workers, soldiers, scientists, conservationists, and a whole lot more- we need each other and we need to look out for each other. The simple fact is there is a dark-side, there are people with dark motives and we need to protect each other from them. We are not all capable of being the hero in every situation- we need each other. We need you to be you in the world.