The Competition Isn’t Trying

Good Morning, let’s talk.

When we look at others and we can instinctively see competition. We don’t see what kind of competition others may be. Let’s imagine ten thousand people want the same job as you. Ten thousand is a huge number. It is a lot of people it isn’t everyone, but enough, if it were a horde of zombies you’d shit yourself and prepare to die. Ten thousand could be realistic, but it isn’t when it comes to competition. And not in a single moment. There are not ten thousand people gunning for the job or life of YOUR dreams.

May be a million people would like it, but putting in an effort to have it is way less. Yes, way less than ten thousand. And the reality is most dreams have enough room in them for millions of people to pursue. That’s right, millions can do it without them inflicting any real damage to the actual dream. The sad truth is simple, most people will not put in the effort to make a dream come true. Ten thousand people could enter your career field today and it will only affect you if you put in minimum effort. Ten thousand people competing for a job and only a handful will rise to the top.

Consistent Effort. What makes the supposed competition irrelevant?

Most people want something, just not bad enough to go through some shit to get it. Zombies want to eat your fucking face and will endure a relentless attack on a wall to get to you. Hunger for them is all an all consuming way of being. Most of us just want a snack of a dream. A nice weekend getaway. A once a year vacation.

The smallest break satisfies the constant need for a change, in a miserable life.

Nino Olson

The drive needed to cut out the competition doesn’t exist in most people. That is why they settle for what is in front of them, instead of what is inside them. They only pursue what they can see. They don’t even try to imagine what is beyond them. Yet alone pursue a high vantage point. This cuts down how many people really are competing for the life or the job of your dreams. Shit, I am not even talking about being the best in your field. But that is the point of this whole post.

Most people put in minimum effort on their dreams. It is true for even small business owners, professionals, and people put in leadership positions. Most of them are winging it and skimming through someone else’s play book. And that small amount of people are not only your competitors, they are the people you are working with.

There are people who would just like a chance to enter your career field. They are waiting for someone to give them a shot. They are keeping the dreams a wish. They haven’t even given themselves permission to cross the line and enter the fray.

Passion will move your ass on your dreams like a zombie in an open field. You won’t stay there long, but if you are not putting in the work, your ass will get stuck along the way.

What I want for you is effort beyond what seems reasonable. You cannot become a champion by playing small. Effort and ingenuity must become the name of your game. Outsmarting the competition by knowing more and being more is what is going to get your efforts noticed. Sorry to say, thoughts and prayers will not get you to that job offer, but fucking skills will. The Almighty will put obstacles in your way just to see how bad you want it. After your ass climbs to Olympus, bigger doors will open. Because most people don’t actually want to climb a mountain, they will stop half way up and call it good.

Later Gator 🐊