The To Don’t List

Good morning, let’s dive in.

I don’t know when I first heard of a Don’t List, but when I heard it, it made sense to me. Like a To Do List a Don’t List is about action. The difference between the two is a Don’t List helps clarify what you are doing with your time, a To Do List demands you do something with it. A Don’t List sharpens your view of what matters and that is why it is recommended to make one. Especially after the To Do List.

Why after?

It is easier to say all the things you want to do. It is easier to dream about all the time you have. It is easier to edit something that already exists, than to edit a list that is blank.

What will be hard is focusing on the dreams you really have. Focusing on what actually matters to you. It is about getting to do two or three things and calling it an accomplished day. Because it all comes down to a twenty-four hour period and the energy you have in it. Limiting what we do makes more time to actually get shit done. From there we can expand our view of time from a day to a week. We can try to have a good week fitting in most of the things we need to do. From there, maybe we can do something every two weeks, pencil it in. Impose on a day a once in a while with a big push to get something done. Knowing the important things are scheduled and will not be put on the back burner for things that are less important, but doable.

A Don’t List is a value list. It puts things you would “like to do” or what someone else would “like you to do” on the back burner or out of the picture all together. You just say “sorry it is on my Don’t List.” Before you do it you will have to have the Big Girl Talk with yourself about your dreams and what you really want. Then hit that list like Freddy Kruger.

Later Gator 🐊


P.S. Household chores are always on the To Do List. Same goes for eating, bathing, and sleep, some things in life have to be done.