NO Pain, No Gain

Good Morning, let’s get to it.

Fast food is the three inch goat thorn in our health care heel. I love it. I also have the appetite of a fat kid. Don’t worry I also have the body dysmorphia to go with it. Good times. What makes fast food a real pain in the ass isn’t the meals themselves. Your ability to regulate what you eat is. The genuine problem with fast food is the instant ability to eat. And if you are me the quickness it is consumed by before you get down the street goes with it. I am like Popeye with a can of spinach. Anyway, You cut out the process and responsibilities of a necessary function, eating. Yes, this is easier than cooking. But it also hurts the reality that life isn’t instant and we have to put in work to get what we want. It creates a mindset that rewards fast and easy.

How this plays out is you can go to the gym and see no results. You can get on that treadmill and walk for forty-five minutes a day and if your body adjusts to the intensity it will retain fat. Even if we change our diets, and live on what should be a deficit, our bodies will adjust to a low calorie diet to keep fat. Fat is a vital ORGAN not the enemy. It is there to keep us alive. I Just have to clear that up. What stops most people from really seeing results is pain. The physical and mental pain of hard work. Yes, a balanced diet, with a slight deficit is hard work.

If you push it too hard out the gate your body will say Fuck you. For instance, if you run on a treadmill mill and throw up; your body will do what it takes to keep you from doing that again. You will say it out loud “fuck running” I have done it. Lots of people start out not liking to run. I did it until I built a love for it. Sickening right? The same goes for a deficit, restrictions, and the sore muscles after a hard workout. In my opinion, we must ease our bodies into routines that are conducive to our health. After that, no pain, no gain. We have to trick ourselves into doing hard things. Most of us anyway.

We have to do things like we do with fast food, make it easier to do than not to do. I should clarify, I don’t run, I jog. My shuffling ass isn’t full sprinting nothing! I go at the book reader’s pace and get some miles in. If I run I gas out and really don’t enjoy the activity any more. I workout everyday, because I am the kind of person that has to do something everyday or I just stop doing it for a long time.

Once it becomes a habit, a routine, a part of your life, then you can build a mindset of no pain, no gain. Back to me, the last two weeks I used light weights and after every workout felt like I wasted my damn time. But yesterday- pain baby! Not hurt, pain, the muscles said, “mercy!” It was nice. I had gotten to the place that pain doesn’t equal hurt, it equals reward. Just going through the motions wasn’t enough. I enjoy pushing myself to Jog 12-painful-miles, but worth, the internal value I feel is fantastic. The same goes for six miles, three miles, two or one miles. I remember how hard a block used to be for me. I remember having to walk after a half mile in to catch my breath. It took time. Like cooking a healthy meal. It became part of my routine. Fast food became counter productive and an enemy’s of my goals.

No pain, no gain is a mindset. It says “if you want to push past comfortable, past easy, past doing what everyone else does? You will experience pain and that will come with reward” I know it is associated with meat-heads and gym bros, but it is worth keep in your pocket. Use it when you have to speak up in a meeting. When you have to stand up for yourself or someone else who is being treated unfairly. It is perfect when you drive past the fast food line and just go without a meal. Everyone will live if they skipped a meal, just one. Pain is a part of life and the process of growth. Pain, healthy-pain can be part of your routine. It can be a metric for any challenge or goal you set.

Later Gator 🐊