Responding To The News

Good Morning, and let’s get started.

There are things in and out of our control. The problem with modern life is we cannot distinguish between the two. Everything is eminent. We have our phones right in our face and in that we have the news. No, it is not always news. It is modern history. A majority of it is negative. It is valuable to keep up with, but not necessary to most of our day to day lives.

The major problem with the news is we have no immediate power to change most of the things that happen. It leaves our nervous system a wreck. We get the fight or flight mumbo jumbo and then watch TV with even more drama that we can do nothing about.

When I was a kid me and my brothers would watch wrestling. We would get so hyped up, it was only a matter of time before we were jumping off the arm of the couch and slamming each other with couch cushions pretend they were metal chairs. We did something with what we saw. We had an outlet for our flight or fight mode. We responded to the screen in real time. Most young-adults and old-adults just let it fester as if what they see is going to have an impact on their lives. Which is only true for the LGBTQ+ community; because their very being is under attack. The rest of us who live in relative safety can take time to respond. We can call a representative. We can protest on a day in the future. We can wait to cast our votes in the future. We can boycott in the future. We can voice our opinions and fight with trolls on the internet, now. But no one is actually coming to attack most of us. We just get attacked in our psyche every fucking day without realizing it. Controlling our screens is for another time.

It is Monday, a fresh week. If you are going to watch the news even if it is inadvertent, fucking workout. Get your body moving. Do squats, sit ups, pushups, I don’t care just don’t let that shit sit in your system. I have two quick suggestions on the news. The first is don’t read the news and don’t watch it until Friday morning. I know impossible, but if you could avoid it, then do it. Because there isn’t shit you can do about what happened. You might as well as hear about it at the end of the week. Just get it all at one time. The second, know what news actually pertains to you. News that pertains to you is whatever industry you work in, whatever hobby you have, whatever form of entertainment you consume, and whatever is happening locally in your community; which only needs to be read about weekly. That should keep you abreast of what is going on. It might also keep you from believing the world is falling in on you.

I know a lot for a Monday, but it just might make the rest of the week better.

Later Gator 🐊