Sleep in. Get as much sleep as you can. Rest. Do it for me, please. I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t sleep in. I do get naps most days, but not the beautiful eight hours. Not the full rest a body and mind needs. My body thinks eight hours is sleeping in. Not sleeping makes me susceptible to dozing off in boring situations. But the facts are the facts- sleep is good. I know we live in a busy, hustle, grind, go hard world. A world that doesn’t really appreciate what it means to enjoy the simple life. A life where being rested is truly valued.

Sleep in our time is one of the first and continual casualties of modern life. It starts with school and just gets worse the older we get. Our society values staying up late and waking up early. Oh, the bullshit. If we could only go to bed when the sun went down and wake when it comes up.

I am sure we have very important things to do and that takes priority over our sleep. That is how it started and continues today. This thing needs to be started early, this thing will take us all day and some of the night, this other thing will require both early morning and late night. So much goes into our modern lives that most of us not only forget to live, but forget we need rest.

The research is in. And someone else relayed it to me how important sleep is. I shit you not, twenty years ago, maybe twenty two years ago, my brother did report fort work on the effects of working night and graveyard shift. It literally shortened life spans. I’ve also heard a bunch of other studies released regarding sleep and the conclusion is it is good. Fat loss, cognitive function, and not being an asshole all have roots in a person’s ability to sleep for more than a solid eight hours. Eight being the minimum ten being perfect, like dating there is a scale. Even if you are a two please shoot for a ten. Dream big, shit dream.

Later Gator 🐊