Survival and Entertainment

We are consistently building perspective. We do this to survive. Most of us don’t notice, but it is what we do when we talk, read, or watch a video. We are blessed with this survival skill, but use it mostly towards entertainment.

Let’s break it down though. If we study ourselves, we learn how to deal with the voice in our head. Hopefully we convince the son of a bitch that we are worthy, capable, and people like us. If we study others we learn that they too are nothing special, but worthy of love, dignity, and respect. If we study animals, we learn that life is brutal, the world full of a bunch of stomachs eating each other. We also learn the emotions we feel they feel too on a less complex level because they are not making shit up to worry about. If we study religion, we learn that humans will make up a bunch of shit, to make life make sense. We also learn to survive in this life and the next from a benevolent Creator who wants to kill us.

And that is the point of life.

Life is about survival and every day we make it though, bitch we are winning! Everything we do comes back to survival, The Almighty set it up that way. If you haven’t seen the TV Show survivor, you are missing out on a microcosm of humanity. It is a good time. The social and survival twists and turns is fun. But what matters is how they treat each other. You learn quickly watching the show it is about human connection. It is about trust and getting along. Our lives are no different. To truly win, to survive, to go the distance; we need running buddies. Life is a marathon the further you go the more you see. The more perspective you gain, the sweeter life can become.

And the funny thing is most of our entertainment gives us perspective and saves us time. It is the only way we can live a thousand lifetimes in one sitting. It is why reading used to have such a high value. But most of that extra living is wasted, because it is not reflected on. Once reflected on it actually becomes our experience and a part of us. We internalize it, metabolize it, and actualize it as if we went through it. Doing this builds the person and character we are. The better we are at surviving the more we move to thriving; which is what The Almighty wants for all of us. In that we have the choice to rise up or lay low. Both will get us through the day one will get us to better days.

Later Gator 🐊


P.S. It is not wasting your life to watch TV. 😉