What Time is It?

Perfect timing isn’t real. There is good timing, poor timing, and procrastination. All three have an effect on our dreams. Procrastination is, was, and will forever be the putting off of what we want with a bullshit excuse. When it comes to timing it is the worst culprit. It is never the time to pursue the dream. Something is always more important, something is always more urgent. The dream may be real, but the desire is so weak we don’t take action. In fact, the desire is so weak that it cannot change how you live so that you can pursue it. Timing is just an excuse a reason not to face the truth about what we really want and don’t want. We can procrastinate decades, and faux morn an opportunity that is long past gone.

Poor timing isn’t as bad because, we at least took action. The problem with poor timing is most people only take action when it is safe and by then it is too late. They don’t procrastinate until it isn’t worth doing, they put it off just enough that it wasn’t worth doing. Like the stock market, they bought high and sold low. They had seen the writing on the wall of an opportunity, but waited until the door was shut. They made eye contact with the love of their life and kept walking. When they finally turned around it was too late to make a connection. They let fear control their action and hide it from themselves and others. They miss the opportunities, because they want to be safe an sure. Sometimes it pans out, but it is always poor timing when the opportunity is at the tail end, and they are left with the shit.

Then there is good timing. Good timing is bullshit. Good timing is just consistent action in a person’s life that pans out over time. They are willing to fail. They are willing to do what others might think is risky. They are willing to put in the work and flip their life upside down. They don’t sit on their hands waiting for the right opportunity, they are in two modes, ready and doing. They too miss opportunities, they also put something off and never get to it. The difference is these people are engaged with what is. They don’t have a hypothetical future opportunity that they are going for. No, they are engaged with real time. They are putting off opportunities for the ones they are actively pursuing. In real time they look at the cost of a future opportunity and assess whether it is worth the current one. Good timing is just someone willing to take action now. What makes it bullshit is it isn’t perfectly planned out, it was enough action taken with a vision to make the timing work.

With that there is only perfect timing in retrospect. We look back on things that have gone right and do not take into reality that shit could have gone wrong. We enjoy perfect timing after it “happened” More plans have gone sideways than forward. Some people have blown off course never to be seen again than not. But those who work through it, on it, and persevere we attribute perfect timing.

Action is timing’s best friend. Time is the water we swim in, action is you propelling yourself where you want to be.

It is time

get to work

Later Gator 🐊