Let’s Talk About Mindset

Your mindset matters. Okay, let’s be honest, when most people talk about mindset they are really talking about attitude. They don’t understand that a mindset is the control you have over your attitude. It is the preconditioning of the mind to have an attitude towards events. Let me repeat that, it is a preconditioning of the mind towards events. There are two common ways people do this, the most common is they encounter a negative event and they go negative. The event won and it always wins and it always happens. Some bullshit is always going wrong with them, they can’t catch a break, shit is perpetually hitting the fan- and their attitude. That is always their mindset. They can only go negative. Another way is “we’ll get through this.” Yes, most of the time mindset rears its face in hard times. The We”l get through it folks, grin and bear it. That is how they get through it without pouring on a shit attitude, they understand in life there are some down turns. Their mindset is it won’t last or this too shall pass.

When it comes to mindset, the above isn’t what most people are referring to. What they are talking about is a positive attitude in the face of adversity. They believe the Almighty, the Universe, the World is setting them up to make them better. They come to the problem like a feral cat, they are going to wreck shit. Life isn’t going to fuck them up, they are going to fuck life up. They do this with two beliefs, the first in themselves, the second in a higher power. The second makes the first possible. Life is personal to them. There is no coincidence, that shit is fate, kismet, destiny; God is setting them up for a home run. Every problem is a probability for a better outcome than could be imagined. That is the mindset that makes you look at a challenge and say if God is for me who can be against me. Then you go out and fuck shit up- you put in the work, you hustle, you grind, you push yourself knowing God doesn’t care about the material gains, no, God is invested in making you the best version of you. That mindset doesn’t come in the dead of night, it comes when there is light out. It comes in moments of peace, it is the warrior’s mind before the battle. It is in the early morning you set your sights on the mountain you will climb today.

Life isn’t sweet all the time, no, God loves you too much to leave you alone. The Almighty will fuck with you. The world has always had some major shit going on and surviving the last two years, was just a taste of what we go through as humans. It is up to us to learn the lessons of loving each other, building communities of care, acceptance, and unity out of diversity. Because as much as we are individuals we are tribes and cities, and nations and a world that depends on peace to have prosperity.

Spring is the perfect time to build a new mindset. It is time to plant the seeds of hope, of self determination, and a faith that The Almighty has your back and will challenge your desires. We still have a lot of 2022 to go. Let’s run a race of doing good, encouraging each other, and being a badass in the face of adversity.

Later Gator,

Nino Olson

Vaya Con Dios