Vaya Con Dios

The fucking hiatus of writing, was not worth the unproductive idea, of doing things right. Every time I stop writing it seems I want to do better, but then I just stop. Bad writing, poor SEO writing, fast poorly punctuated writing, and random writing is better than no writing. That is because I am a fucking writer. The act is what I like doing. Especially in the morning when I am alone and just flowing. So, you and I are just doomed to get raw posts in the morning.

What I did get out of the hiatus was a sense of where I want us to go in the morning. It is some Jesus take the wheel shit to be honest. Don’t worry, I will not try to convert you to any particular religion, belief system, or culty shit. No, instead I want to write in such a way as to make sense of the world and our struggles as individuals. God, The Almighty, The Universe, Allah, Buddha, whatever higher power you may or may not believe in has no place in what I am writing here. You can take your orthodoxy and click on to the next site. There is way too much fighting in the world about dumb shit like interpretation and enforcing laws that God is fully capable of enforcing instantaneously. What I will write about is the woo woo, health, wealth, prosperity, gospel bullshit- that every person believes.


Because it is easy for me to think and help others in those terms. It is easy for me to be a light, when we both believe we have a little help from the Big Guy upstairs. This blog is a source of inspirational entertainment. It is not specific life advice for anyone. It is a “take it or leave it.” I love humor, I like to make people laugh, I do things in my daily life to try to get people to laugh. I really don’t like attention, but I enjoy life. I want us all to win. I want us all to have a great day. I want us all to have some inspiration for the day and if that means using The Almighty, so be it. I also want to be honest. That is why you get upfront posts like this. I don’t want you to one day meet me and be more impressed with the bullshit I write than the person I am. I am a flawed, insecure, and growing human being and that is okay.


I write because I love it. I enjoy the act itself. It is a reward to me. When other people like what I write, it makes me smile. I am going to write everyday. Not because I have to, because it satisfies something in me. I used to hate running or in my case jogging. I do it now because I enjoy it. I would force myself to do it and now I do it for pleasure on a whim. Writing for me isn’t a discipline I need to force myself to do, it is a pleasure. That is why I will be back tomorrow, because The Almighty has put it in my heart to enjoy. 😉

Later Gator.

Nino Olson, B.S.


The B.S. at the end of my full name stands for Bull Shitter. I think it’s funny.