When The World Invades Your Mind

Zero published posts in the 20 days. Not Zero posts written, zero published. The world is really in a bad way right now. So much that out of the ten posts I didn’t enjoy them. There was a meh, bright side. It wasn’t worth yo reading. It wasn’t worth me publishing. It was like a chimp throwing shit at the plexiglass trying to hit the spectators, sometimes you feel the futility. Now, I don’t have it half or a quarter bad as some, which means my room to complain is always justified. But I live in this world with people who act like they share the same values as I do and then do the opposite revealing their values. It is genuinely disturbing.

Sheeple, fucking sheeple. I think it is the funniest term that MAGA people came up with. The problem is they are sheeple. They are unoriginal and closely resemble the Minions from Despicable Me. I digress. The problem is they parrot all the rightwing talking points and claim to have original thought. They claim to do research, but I have yet to see them publish their findings. Millions of researchers going through the same propaganda, following the same bots on social, listening to the same talk radio and podcasts, and consuming the same YouTube channels can’t be wrong, unless they are just content consumers who don’t know how to think or ask hard questions, because of their strong bias and ego attached to their political power and tightly held belief that equality takes something away from them.

We are at the end of a pandemic or getting close to it and these idiots still don’t understand how the human body works, how modern medicine works, and believes everything they read on the internet. It is like getting health advice from a 20 year old gym bro vs an actual doctor. These people go with the gym bro 100% of the time.

Climate change. Fuckers. It is a climate catastrophe. It is all due to humanity destroying our home. These fuckers are like the horders on TV they live in so much filth they think it is normal and healthy. They watch the TV and think everything is fine. They don’t get that it is not okay to have piles of shit and piss and waste mound up everywhere. They don’t get that it makes the air, hazardous with ammonia and the conditions for life unacceptable. But they also miss the point that the rich are taking all the good lands for us to enjoy and play on, making it private property and decimating farmland for suburbs. Shit, they don’t consider having a water shortage a bad thing. It is a new normal, because they already accept lead in their water as an okay way to live. They have accepted plastic water bottles as the best alternative to clean water and pipes. At least they have for the poor.

Fucking Puta Putin and his war. Unfucking acceptable. We all of this are in this world together and count on each other, nation, state, continent, town, farmer, city, fishermen, lawyers, police, truck drivers, sewage management, all of us! And yet this fucker thinks it is a good move a world leader to kill his people to take land, to expand his power through force, to take others liberty as if their say doesn’t matter. Fucking dictators and their shitty armies that just follow orders.

Ah, racism is real and alive. It has political power and that is what makes it very dangerous to everyone. Bigotry and hatred should have no place in our social system- yet the war on minorities continues in shadow agendas. It takes place in the funding of schools, in the way we enforce laws, and in the way we create opportunities. Representation matters. If you only see one way of life, you will only know one way of life. If you only see one way to earn a living you will only pursue one way of making a living. Education is being attacked, because it is the only way for the next generation of minorities to move from poverty to middle class and upper class. We need minorities to pursue being doctors, lawyers, Business owners and leaders. But without the proper education they won’t even know those are possibilities. We truly need to fund our schools, not based on the wealth of the area, but on the wealth of the state. There should be no under funded schools or teachers who have to buy supplies for their class. WE the people should take care of WE the people and our upcoming generations.

LGBTQ+ people are people worthy of dignity, respect, and love. They are not the enemy of normal people they are normal people. They have lived in the shadows and in fear of heterosexuals who find them disgusting and an affront for as long as humans have been alive. They are not new, they are normal and for the first time less persecuted for being themselves and being seen. Let them live.

Sorry for all the errors- no time to edit.

Later Gator.

Oh, this post was supposed to be about how hard it was trying to write anything uplifting with all the bullshit going on. I will try though.