Goal setting and Effort

So, I’m working on a fitness- thing; diet, exercise, and shit- goal, that is what it is called a goal. March is my last month of being on a Keto diet. I started in the beginning of January. It has gone okay, Getting covid at the end of January into early February set me back on my goal. On top of that February was a hard to lose month- I wasn’t in a deficit and I wasn’t pushing myself too hard in the gym. Hello March! My final five weeks! The diet intensifies and so does the workout routine. I will find out this Sunday, when I weigh in if I am going to hit my goal. Which is 15% body fat. I know I have four weeks after that, but this is a huge deal. I will see if my metrics are on target. With that I can imagine what the next four weeks will bring if I keep up the same effort.

Goal Setting Basics

Like all goals, what actions we decide to take matters more than anything else. We only know what actions to take if we take the time to learn and think about the best possible routes. Each route to a goal will have obstacles mentally and physically. There are many routes to damn near every goal. Learning about them and what to do when we get there matters. If we take the time to learn about our objectives, we can actually set goals. We can set an expectation of when they can be accomplished and what effort and time is needed. We’ll know what lag indicators to look for and we can think in real time if we need to up our efforts. The goal is just a dream with a deadline. It starts with desire.

The Ego is The Enemy- kinda

Here is the thing most people can’t trust themselves to be honest. I am included with most people. My illusions of how great I am are almost as high as those who believe they can manifest anything in life; like super Saiyan god levels high. But I also have enough reality in me to know I ain’t shit. What a balance. To the point, we believe we can achieve something without really knowing what it takes to get it done, in so doing we fail. Everyone wants to be a millionaire. Everyone wants to be fit and sexy. Everyone wants to switch timelines as to not be in a war and have lived through a pandemic. But not everyone knows what to do to achieve their goals or is willing to put in the effort and time to achieve it. My super ego wants me to do a lot of things that genuinely take time to build up. Most of those things stem from goals that should have been started in my late teens to early twenties. Not that they are impossible now, but the time to enjoy any moment with them would be a decade in the future. Our false image of ourselves will do one of two things, make us feel bigger and more important than we are or make us feel smaller and inconsequential. False images are hard to overcome. They also fuck up goal setting. Which is what makes them the enemy.

But if you can be honest, set moderate goals and put in intense effort you will be able to accomplish more than you think.

Change is the Hard Part

Setting a goal requires us to change what we do. If not we would have already obtained our goals or not really set one. We dream more often than we work. Take this opportunity to really think about what you want and if you are willing to change to get it. That is after all the beginning of a great life story.

Later Gator 🐊

on that note: I’m going to be working on my new goals which one of them is this sweet ass blog. Which means my morning routine of publishing after I write will come to an end. And the writing quality will go up.