Don’t Buy Someone Else’s Life, It Won’t Fit You

What matters is what happens in your head. I know, crazy shit to think. But there are thousands of books on manifesting your life, the law of attraction, how to pray, why your prayers aren’t answered, and many more. These books that are meant to shape your worldview, revise the world to help you take action in your life. But here is the catch, they won’t work.

These mother fuckers out here peddling the same solution to everyone as if we are all in the same situation. As if we all have the same aptitude to make shit happen. As if some of us aren’t ugly. I said it. If you don’t think there is discrimination against ugly people, think again. Poor ugly people, they just want love, respect, and a billion dollars like everyone else. Yet, these hot authors, are running around with their woe with me tales of rags to riches and triumph. But they never had to overcome ugly. Mother fuckers. They don’t watch a movie and look at the villain and think, I sure do look like that purple nutsack Thanos, or me and the Penguin share the same body type. No, they look like Superman and Wonder Woman banged out a kid, that is the next fucking messiah to the world. Their false insecurities flee when they say their affirmations in the mirror, because they are fucking true; I am smart, good looking, and people like me. A guy just has to be around six feet tall and he automatically makes more money than a shorter guy- they did research. It is these fuckers who are writing you the books on how great you are and how to get what you want in life.

But they don’t have your situation. On that they don’t know what you are predisposed to think. Because of that, they try to recast your world view. They tell you a story of how life works and if you believe, don’t question it, in a matter of time your mind will adopt it. The major problem with that is their life story isn’t yours. Your life story would become a person trying to copy another person and failing until they realize they have to be true to themselves and the story they are in. That is what happens when we adopt someone else’s world view, especially if we don’t know them. We lose our own story.

I don’t know why it is but humans live and die by story, it tells us the why and gives us the groundwork for what is next. So here is the thing, having a world view is having a story about life and how it works. If you believe in a woo woo think and grow rich, manifest through thoughts, that is how you will imagine life to work and you will do things within that understanding to make it happen. If you believe in prayer, God, or the angels and the saints, helping you along- same thing. And each teacher will give you principles to apply as you go for your dreams or desires. But the one thing they will all tell you- you have to get off your ass and do something.

You will not do shit, if you don’t believe it will work. So, what matters is what is going on in your head. Make sure you are aligned with reality and then whatever you put your faith in. Reality first. What is then what you are to do about it. All the failed thoughts, prayers, and manifestations are because someone was trying to get what they didn’t earn in a way that was not only contrary to who they are but what they actually wanted. They failed to realize they have the working ambition of a beach bum and the desire for money equivalent to a Buddhist monk. That kind of person missed the point that life is to be lived and wealth is an arbitrary construct we made to get around doing all the work. They missed the point of life as it is; A story of struggles, triumphs, and becoming.

Later Gator 🐊