What Voice Of Reason Will You Listen to?

Who you talk with and listen to will influence how you think about life. 90’s Music might be cool or nostalgic, but a lot of it is depressing. The same goes with a lot gangsta rap, country, and christian worship music- it will fuck up your head space. Sometimes the best thing to do is to put music on in a language you don’t understand and just feel the music. It is too bad the same doesn’t go for conversations with ourselves. Yes, I could address how to remove negative people from your life, which requires courage. But the mental fortitude it will take for you to change your mind is worse than others because you believe everything you say. And you, like me, like we, are often misinformed or missing key information. Infromation that could change our attitude and minds on many subjects essential that of ourselves.

You like me are very unique. You are not the job you have, the relationships you foster, the person you see in the mirror, or a function in society, you are a Fucking Hero, Spirit Guide, Universal Intelligence having motherfucker, who was formed from the loins of generations to pursue pleasure in purpose and contribution to the world from the unique gifts, talents, and insights that are at your disposal, you are a unique story being told. Your life, no matter how small it feels is a beautiful fable of humanity. You sum up the best and worst in all of us. Your story is a common as every Hollywood blockbuster movie, it is as delightful as the most well beloved TV series, be it the Brady Bunch, Leave it to Beaver, The Simpsons or Shitt’s Creek, your life is what life is all about!

When we inject a false sense of despair, self doubt, or a negative view point we take away from a story we are meant to build with our very actions. Yes, negative thoughts are valid, but they should come from within, they should be our thoughts to conquer, our doubts to shatter, our shortcomings overcome because that is part of our story.

A lot of people’s stories merge into a people’s story of overcoming real oppression, not like the right-wing bullshit going on right now, but like the right to vote, the right to health care, the right to fair and livable wages, a clean environment and drinking water, the right to lands that the rich think can be made into private property, the right for a good education for all, equal and fair justice, policing that doesn’t discriminate but keeps the peace and enforces just and fair laws, taxation that is not only fair but not wasted, politicians that are accountable and servants of all their constituents, News that is free from manipulation and bias, a free exchange of thoughts for the betterment of all mankind, the pursuit of happiness and shit like that- becomes a part of a persons story when they band together with others.

I am out of time to keep writing. So, I am going to wrap up with this:

To live a better life you need to think better thoughts. The struggles in our lives are not indicators of our failings and proof of our unworthiness, but challenges and obstacles that make the journey richer and more admirable. Do not take your life for granted. Enjoy it and make the most of it, like everyone else it will end.

Later Gator 🐊

P.S. Vaccines and mask mandates are to keep people alive and healthy, they are not means of oppression. I know people who are suffering and have died from getting the Covid virus. It isn’t something they could brush off like the cold. Right-wing propaganda has people declaring patriotism and then turning to fighting their government and willful hurting their own countrymen to have the false notion of freedom to do what they want. All the while they do not realize their seeds of destruction are giving power to elitist authoritarians who would take away the rights of the poor and subjugate all through low wages and poor education. But that rant is for another time.