Negative is The Easy Button For Life

It is a weird assumption to make that everything is going to be alright. But we do it. Not only that we comfort others with the words, “Everything is going to be alright.” Sometimes it is all we need. We want to be reassured. We want the comfort of knowing no matter how bad it gets, it will get better. There is another side to that coin. It is going negative.

A negative mind cannot create a positive result because it will refuse it. It is set on the vibe of a black hole. It will turn the lights off on a good idea and pee in the punch. The reason is a negative mind is a safety mechanism protecting the user from two things; failure and risk. Negative people want to be protected against the world. They do this by going on the offense in a game of cooperation. They attack, and attack, and attack, and attack because the key ingredient to negativity is fear. Fear of success, failure, change, possibility, and risk. Fear is the major sponsor of No. It looks at a good time and refuses. It looks at opportunities and only sees danger. It looks at promotion or letting loose as a way to be humiliated or found out. It looks at a new idea as a threat to what it already knows. It sees people as others, as enemies, as competition. The negative declares the end at the beginning; it is a prophet of doom. And if a good thing happens it will see the downside. It will find where a person fell short, even if the person is itself. It will make it a negative experience. A negative mind will find a way to shit on it and at the least be disappointed when things go right.

This is only the case because it is easy to be negative. I know it sounds shitty and hard, but in truth it is easy to be negative. Our mind is better suited to see danger and flaws to survive than it is to see reward outweighing the risk. Eat this strange frog… Dead. Climb that tall tree… Broken leg and dead. Cross this dark river… Eaten by a crocodile. Stay home, work the field you know, talk to the people you know, go to the places you know, eat the foods you know, do what you know works and live in fear of change the rest of your life. It is easier to say, it won’t work, than it is to try. It is easier to shit on running as hard than it is to go for a run. It is easier to shit on people who got a college degree than actually trying to improve yourself and get one too. It is easier to ban books than to have a discussion about the ideas in a book. It is easier to say they did this, than it is to say we did. It is easier to point someone else’s failures than it is to look at our own. It is easy to hate and hard to love.

Being negative is the easiest thing to be in life, we are surrounded by proof that things are fucked up. Being positive a bit harder because we are surrounded with what could be and still grateful for what is. And we do this in spite of the negative realities.