Year of The Tiger

Did you miss your New Year’s resolution?

I Got some good news for you! Today begins the Chinese New Year and it is a Tiger Year. Eye of the fucking tiger! Put on that old gray track suit and get after it my friend! You have to be hungry for your success! You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to win, you gotta want to go the distance. Because it is a new year, you can put in the fucking work and tear up the competition! You will not fail!

Here’s the thing, the only way to fail is to quit trying. You have no good reason to quit trying.

For real though:

Life is short. Let your Resolutions to be to live better, to make yourself proud, to find peace with who you are, and to exploit your advantages for your own happiness.

Winning in life is different for everyone. You might win in life if you make one painting a day. Shit, one blog post, one TikTok, one new song, one new connection, all of those things and none of them. Being free to choose the value and meaning of your life is yours. When you figure out what matters to you then you can figure out what goals to set. With it being a new year, try patience, take the time to figure out what truly matters to you and only care about that.

Try being the real you. If you don’t know who that is, just examine your reactions to life. Be an observer and get to know what makes you tick. It is worth the effort. Why, because you won’t set up bullshit resolutions of trying to be better, there is no better there is just you. What will change is how you react to life. Reflection sets resolutions that change the dynamics of how we live. From there we can become proactive and influence life. But there is no need to change who you are, I am sure once you figure out your shit you will find you’re an interesting person to be.

Eye of the tiger, baby!