The Day Before F’ It February

Sometime late January I was feeling, blah. Not sick, but sick. Not bored, but bored. The solution to my melancholy- Fuck It February! You see I needed something to look forward to. (Sidenote: I love the number 2 I couldn’t give you a valid reason. It just appeals to me) And this February is the second month of the year. This year like last year, I want to say Fuck it more. I want to have fun. I want to enjoy my life, no matter what I am doing. So I came up with Fuck it February. With that, we also have 2.22.22 on a fucking Tuesday. So I will wear a tutu to work. Life my friends can be boring, monotonous, and safe. Or it can be fun. I choose fun and the fact is, fun can take place in the borning, monotonous, safe places. Hence wearing a tutu to a warehouse.

But I’m not done, I need to find a way to make all of Fuck It February fun. It is easy to have a Fuck it attitude, but to put it to the test. To push the Fuck It in a positive foolhardy way, that is my challenge. How to play within the constraints?

Just so you know, life gets better when we learn to have fun no matter the situation we are in. So, if you want, you can join me. Say fuck it and have fun, make a fool of yourself, enjoy your days they run out.