That Small Voice Is Changeable

There’s a coward in all of us. The smallest leech sucking our life of flavor and vigor. This little shit, sits in the back of our mind and like a Spidey sense, and shouts like a stubbed fucking toe, “this is dangerous and will hurt us.” This coward lives and moves all of us. It keeps us from cliff edges, wild animals, and dangerous people. It will keep us alive, but will not help us live.

Don’t get me wrong, this little leech is what keeps us moving as a society. The little guy wants people to settle for a simple, quiet life, staying under the radar, and taking no greater responsibility to make things better. This little guy makes great farmers, grocery store managers, and truck drivers- keeping shit simple and routine. And those people, those people make the world go round, they make life livable, they free others to live on another level. Those people, school teachers, bus drivers, maintenance workers, make life livable and the world a better place. The leach that cuts out big dreams- doesn’t see fear in the ordinary. And those people thrive and have humble ambitions, ups and downs, and if they choose to, they have many good days. Their life experience isn’t shallow, but rich, like a monk in a monastery. If they don’t get seduced by social media, Celebrities, and rich people who act like their life is better. I know we act like rich and famous people are a new phenomenon- but they have always been there touting their luxury over us. They do this to act as if working hard is what got them their privileges. So they say, if we work hard for them we too can get this privilege and high life. In doing this most of us miss the joy of being alive and spend it in worry, hurry, and insecurity. That is because the little leech was tricked. It was tricked into believing it would die if it didn’t work harder for someone else instead of itself.

Now back to my point, the cowardly leech in all of us, can actually be transformed into a free spirit. Instead of seeing danger, it can see excitement. But it is a matter of training ourselves to see the world differently. It requires us to be determined to see the upside. To live for the experiences of being alive. It is saying I will win or learn from this. It is being determined that in the end you will grow and to grow is to be alive. It doesn’t matter if you succeed. What matters is you grab life and make it your bitch. It isn’t about what you acquire, you can’t take any of it with you, what matters is how you lived. To be honest, some money will help you live better, so go after that shit too’ it is a means to an end.