Put January Behind You

Have you ever got a gym membership in December, just to go one week in January. Yeah, fuck that membership. Really, drop it. Go to the gym and let them know you are fucking done. Okay use email, I guess unsubscribe, whatever it takes to not have that payment and mental burden. The diet- oh the fucking diet, that sounded like a good idea, and cost you a lot up front, but sucks compared to a chicken sandwich, yeah, fuck that diet too. Oh, the job hunt, trying to get your dream job, Fuck that job! You would have sucked at it anyway. Here is the thing- NEW FUCKING YEAR same old you. And the old you isn’t capable of doing what you want or you would have done it already.

The price to enjoy achievement is pain during the progress.

The Goddess of Success

The work to be better, do better, have better, starts on the inside. It all starts with a desire and then evolves into a mindset. The natural desire is to have comfort. The natural mindset is conformity to do what is easy. The “I” the “Ego” is the self trying to save you from change and pain. A death to the self it knows. It is hard when our true desire is a doughnut, it is to lay about watching TV, it is to eat a high carb meal that you couldn’t processes in two days. On the real, for me it would be eating a whole pizza and drinking a bottle of wine, while I doodle and watch a Game of Thrones. It sounds fun. But that is not what I truly desire, I want to continually fit in a medium T-shirt, have washboard abs, and push my body (Because I like lifting heavy-ish weights- it’s fun) My deepest desire is to be a badass. That desire lived in me when I was at my roundest and it is what pushed me to be my slimmest. Fucking January didn’t make the change I did. But January is the universal starting point for most of us.

January was a nice test month to figure where and why you failed at any and all of your goals. You can dig into what went right and what went wrong. But I do believe that most goals are missed because they lack this mindset: Pain, struggle, and obstacles are the road to being a badass- I embrace the suck as the fun part. You have to think like a rock climber, The more difficult the path the more fun and proud you are achieving it. After that it is embracing the routine, the habit, the boring part of achievement, which is doing the work. There is nothing sexy about it. And that is okay. This mindset also applies to new careers, the difference is you put the work in on gaining skills to actually do the new job you want. Even if it is going to school. Everything can be put into a process- a grueling, *mindless, process of learning growing and getting better.

So, put January behind you and kick some ass for the next eleven months!

Later Gator 🐊


*Mindless in the sense of you don’t have to come up with a new routine, or habit, but you know what you are doing every day. If you want to be a writer, you have a word count to hit. If you want to be an artist, there is something you practice daily. If you want to be a runner you run for time or distance. You have a set practice to achieve what you want. It is up to you to get better at the same motions you go through. The mindless is knowing what you are going to do. But be mindful in the practice to actually get better.