January and All That

So, like most people we have had Covid in our home. Being vaccinated saved us from the worst of it. I have a special needs Daughter and my fear for two years surrounded her getting it. I am pleased to say she is doing well, still yucky, but better than my expectations. My Wife on the other hand is not doing so well. It is kicking her ass. So I have been taking care of everything… And watching Game of Thrones.

That is right my 2020 goal of watching Game of Thrones is now. I binged the Apple+ series See and I was like lets keep this fantasy theme going. That is how I jumped into Game of Thrones. I am almost done with season three. Now that would almost be an upside, but there is more, I have been able to stick to my diet, workout schedule, and lose two plus pounds a week and burnt up an inch belly fat. But I do feel my writing and creativity have taken a kick to the groin. Downside šŸ˜©. That is why I am writing now. Yet! Monday is a great day to start over.

With that, I am sure most of us are seeing our friends and family get sick. I know people who are losing loved ones to Covid. It is going to be a hard winter and I know there are plenty of us who will suffer permanent life altering changes due to Covid. Please, keep dreaming, keep hoping, and keep loving others. I know we are going to go through a hard winter this year, I hope for a happier spring and beautiful summer. Take care of your health- it truly is your wealth. And when you can do nothing, find a fantasy to distract you; it helps getting the dishes done.

Later Gator.