This is On You!

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Who Fucking Knows

This year is not going to be like any year before it. It isn’t going to repeat, the year that came before. It isn’t the middle of a loop. No, this year is going to be the end and the beginning. You and I will put an end to shit that no longer serves us. If that shit is dreams that trap us because the moment is gone, or habits that keep us in a state of mental frustration. It could also be attitudes that inform our thinking, be it negative or unrealistic optimism. Putting an end to shit isn’t easy. Putting an end to what you thought was your life- not because you’re a fucking quitter- but because it is time to grow up. It is not grow up and become a serious asshole, it is grow up and give up on shit that wasn’t meant for you. Grow up and embrace your purpose as your passion, your ability as your play, your skill as your expression, your dream as the vision of being happy, your life as a moment like the big bang- everlasting and gone.

Here’s the thing there are things you want to do. There’s abilities, skills, projects, and knowledge to obtain. There’s experience to have, projects to complete, art pieces and projects to create, stories to be told, and ideas to be shared. All of this only happens if we say “Fuck it, if it is to be, it is up to me.” The world we live in puts a lot in our hands. There’s a lot of responsibility we must take to live. Think about it, if you get hired for a job, you are responsible to get the job done. Your life is no different. Hire yourself, do shit you love, make it happen hire yourself to fulfill your dreams, goals, and ambitions. You don’t need permission, you need the courage to take the hits along the way and keep going. You need to say “fuck it” when the first failure happens. You need to say “Fuck it” I am going to try again. You need to say “Fuck it” I am not going to quit until I achieved this thing!

Hey, winging in life includes a lot of losing, just make sure your wins out number your losses. So, if you want, you can take charge of your life right now.