Creativity is My Soul’s Connection To You.

Do you ever wonder why you can’t get it right?

Have you ever just tried so fucking hard to pursue a dream and it falls apart. Every effort fails, every effort crashes like the ocean on the rocks. It is the unborn egg consumed by a predator for a meal just to make it to the next meal. In this life I believe we are all capable of doing interesting things that sets our souls on fire. I believe most of us settle for entertainment instead of risking our ego through creation. We live through someone else’s art. We let them put in the work, we let them risk their sense of self; all while we hide away and put our efforts into earning a living. Instead of living, we just exist. We trade what our souls long to be for what society lets us be.

The truth is, it is up to us to reach out. To let our souls create. To light the path for others. This paradox calls for us to set ourselves on fire, to both see and be a light. But you might say to me, “Nino, no one cares about my art.” The FUCK YOU say! You care! Your soul cares and your soul in my opinion is connected to every soul and in that every soul breathes with your creation. But here is the thing by doing what you do you… Maybe not your art, but by creating, you become an inspiration. And the better you get at making your art, the more of an inspiration you become, because the quality of your art. (All artists care about the quality of their art)

Creating art, writing, making things that put us out there directly and indirectly is what makes us artists; not the quality, not the quantity, the act of doing it alone. And once someone who doesn’t consider themselves creative does creates, their soul feasts for the first time and they want more. I am not talking about paint by numbers I am talking about expression, making something you love and dancing in the light of your own cleverness. The loop of inspiration begins when we let ourselves be free to make what we want and say what we believe to be true.

Here’s the thing, you won’t succeed at making your art if you are looking to others for permission to have your own dreams, goals, or ambitions. You won’t be an artist if all you do is copy. Because even if you succeed you will only be a copy, and you my friend are an original. Life has given you a story, passions, skills, ability, insights, and much more to make impactful art. You will succeed when you give in to your creative urge and make the art your soul longs for. That is when we learn, even if things fall apart, we are enthusiastic to start again because it is all a part of the process and the road to our creative success. That is when we own the dream because we allowed ourselves to become dreamers.