A Conversation with God

If you were to talk to God, what would you say or ask? The personification of a being that is infinite in bounds and limitless in scope and the creator of what can be known is unrealistic and minimalistic; in context of being. Even if the Almighty personified and encapsulated itself the result would only be a new awareness of its infinite being, perceived and shared by both the capsule and the viewer of the capsule. Why? Because nothing in existence is without the being; God that is. Although it seems like a point of origin assumption, the point is if God wanted to talk to you, God would have to create the conditions in which you existed. From within, manifesting everything that is. Be it time, reality, consciousness, others to groom you to have existed with a personality and questions to ask, but even your being is only a part of God’s being that is shut off to the infinite boundaries and so you are limited by everything, because the only thing that matters is for you to be aware. This awareness is what is needed for you to talk to God, but the response from the infinity is the life you live. The response isn’t what if. The plight of each of us is a response to God creating conditions not by which to judge us, but a moment to get quiet, become pure awareness, and to realize we are what created us in a limited moment, and as we evolve we continue this particular relationship of conversation.

It seems to me the question of life is “How bad do you want it?” There is nothing we keep in the end, our eyes shut and we return to the initiator of the conversation, and God continues to expand in awareness of infinity through all of creation.

Post Script

Sorry for any errors or run on sentences. I had a quick thought and thought what a great post that would make. On that I also live spontaneously. I am sure this could use three edits and clarification of thoughts. But it was a quick ten minute write up. Enjoy, have a great weekend.