If You Aren’t Entertained, Why Would Your Readers Be?

Nobody wants to read your shit. Not only is it the title of a good book by Steven Pressfield, but it is a good axiom; nobody wants to read your shit.

So, why fucking bother writing?

Because you are demon possessed, masochist who needs to put your thoughts out into the world and it is better than bottling it up, maybe?

More than that it is fun and entertaining to write. It is a challenge and if you are good at it you have an opportunity to get better. Same goes, if you suck. Writing is first and foremost for the writer. It is our thoughts put down as best we can to convey to the world what we think. That is how we exercise our demons. To most people writing is work and painful, for us it is a relief to the brain swell and an outlet for conversations not taking place, it’s how we get off. For those reasons I try to entertain my first reader; me.

That brings us to the flaw in the axiom.

There are people who are readers. These MoFos read all the time. They destroy a book a week and some in a day. Now, most people in your life don’t want to read your shit. But there are people out there who do. They are your the second, third and fourth readers; they are the ones who will have the same senses as you. They will laugh at your punchlines and smirk at your smart ass comments. They will nod their heads to your epiphanies and share the thought you had that sparked a chemical fire in their brain. These people will read your shit. That is why you publish what you wrote, you do it for them as much as yourself.


I am sure you have noticed there’s a change of tone in the blog. And nothing that was here is here. The simple reason was, I wasn’t having fun. There was too much seriousness in it for me. I love to poke fun at problems and be what I consider funny while doing it. I like being cheeky. It was my thoughts without the best part of me.

To fix it, I took down the blog and analyzed the reason I write. The reasons for having a blog. Shit, why have a personal website? It took me a couple of months to get to this point of being able to write again. I had to be honest with what kind of writer I am. What kind of work I wanted to put out there. I wanted to put something funny out there that meant something to me. That is what I plan to do. A little humor here, a little inspiration there, and a whole lot of shit to think about all around. I want to write for our entertainment.

If you are here for the ride, then enjoy. Really, I want the best for you and if this blog isn’t your thing, don’t read it. I don’t expect my family to bother… A-holes. Anyway. I hope that fills in the gap of where hundreds posts have gone. No big deal, life is impermanent and so is my work.

With that later Gator.