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I’m not here for a long time, but a good time.

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The World has shifted. We are in a weird decline towards a dystopian future. The highest things a person can do in times like this is to live a life of values and to actively reverse harms done. For those of us who are hanging on to the fur ball of sanity as it is coughed out of the universe’s throat, we will just have to settle for doing the best we can.

To my point we will die and to live the best we can; we have to do things that are culturally wrong. I personally just cut ties with people who are, for a lack of a better word, incompatible with my happiness. I know this sounds crazy. Did I cut ties with family members I love? Well, yes. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean that you have a healthy relationship or that the relationship should continue on. The reason for this is love like all human emotions is complex.

For example, Luke Skywalker loves his father, despite the fact that he grew up an orphan. Shit, regardless of the fact that his dad was the most feared, thug in the known galaxy; Luke loved Vader. I don’t know if you know this, but Luke’s only known family was burned alive by storm troopers. Storm troopers that were looking for the droids, the droids that his only known family purchased to tend their rock garden. Those troopers were sent by Vader himself. They destroyed the only life Luke had known. This is how you know Luke and Vader are related: He brushed that shit off and was like, “let’s help the princess,” like Mario jumping down a pipe, his shit was gone. He was all about the adventure and didn’t mourn a bit for his lame ass uncle and aunt. Obi-Wan had told Luke stories of his father, kick ass stories. Unlike Uncle Ben, I’m sure Ben was like, “yeah, and one time your Dad came to Tatooine and slaughtered a whole tribe of Tuskin Raiders like the earlier colonizers of North America. He was a great pilot too. He won a NASCAR race made for space creatures with better reflexes than humans; great pilot. Don’t be like your Dad Luke, it didn’t turn out for anyone. Look at you- you suck.” The truth is Luke had a love for his Father that was iconic. Like most bastards. I would know. Luke looked up to the idea he had of his dad. He loved the thought of his Dad and once he found out Vader was the one responsible for his death… He was going to get revenge. As you should culturally know by now, Vader is Luke’s father. Does Luke consider his Father blew up a planet killing an incalculable amount of lives, putting a literal Steve Jobs dent in the universe? NO. He wants his dad. He loves Vader and tries to redeem him. Luke had only met Vader as an enemy and once he found out Vader was his father, the game changed. Did Luke think Vader needs to die and answer for his crimes against life, the force, the universe; all of that shit. But none of that shit mattered as much as hanging with his dad. Luke didn’t give two fucks about the universe Vader suppressed and had no clue his good old dad force chocked his pregnant mother. The reason none of that came up is that is what sitcoms are made of. The selfish nature of Vader makes for an abusive parent, who thinks the child is there for them, and would lash out when they realize the kid has a life and will of their own. Because sadly that shit happens.

On a more adulting scale, there are people who are incompatible. Like religious people and free thinkers, assholes and dicks, farts in elevators, the only reason they are together is because someone forces them to. That is how I feel about family.

That’s right! Sometimes I think about the early settlers of the United States, leaving behind friends and family saying goodbye, “I’m gonna make my way. I’m glad to be rid of those negative fuckers” I feel like they did this because their family, church, and work sucked; they were sick of it all. They would rather die in the wilderness than continue on living this way with these people.

In our modern ultra connected times, some people have become self-centered, fucking idiots, and unbearable; simply put, they are the lowest versions of themselves. Now, back in the day people were dumb, gullible, and egotistical… They have not changed today. Though the difference today is those decisions have led to the death of others. That’s right fucking anti-maskers and vaxxers have spread shitty intellectual viruses along with an actual virus.

Their belief about the world, what is good, what is patriotic, what is trustworthy have spawned from false information and instead of being humble and admitting they were wrong they have doubled down. They dig in and insist their hate is love. I have family like this.

Do I hate them? NO!

Do I love them? Yes!

Did these last five years of republican hate and idolization of Trump build a real wall? Yes.

It is my belief that any of these relationships would only be a verbal fight. They would only result in anger and hate. They would be unhealthy, unhappy, and only held together by a sense of duty. That is not a relationship worth having.

Could we get passed it? Yes.

But the reconciliation of the relationship would never repair the amount of damage done. Common values, belief of virtues, and sense of humor are what makes relationships work. When those go away so does the peace between the parties. A wise man once said “Instead of going to war with your brother, walk away. Let the peace of absence, be the peace you give. In this you have shown brotherly love and prevent a thousand curses.”

I hold those who are no longer in my life with the fondest regards and in mourning of the spirit lost between us. But I do not dwell on the past as the future is bright and maybe, enough crazy people are doing the right thing that we might actually be working towards a utopian future.

Until next time,

Nino Olson

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