The End of The World

The world looks like it is ending. It looks like we are in the oblivious stages in a dystopian novel. It looks like we are in the part of the story where everyone wants to act like things are fine and we can go back to normal. Who wants to embrace the end of what was stable. Not normal, there was never a normal for modern times, and there never were good old days. So, let’s not pretend human existence at some point did not turn its soul into a fire of cannibalistic consumption. Let’s not pretend we didn’t fuck everything up by letting greedy people make the rules and then take up all our natural resources to live. We have just done it long enough and enough of us have joined them that we have fucked up our planet. So, on a planetary scale we are dying. The Karma of extinction is coming upon us because we have done this very thing to other species at an incomprehensible rate.

Yet, we have to live. We have to go to work, we have to survive this moment. We have to make it to the next. We have to live.

I have hope that others, smarter, and more empowered than myself can make the change we desperately need. But the human soul, humanity’s soul is to forces. One for good the other for greed. The fight between what is good for me and what is good for us. This soul moves on a grand scale revealing our nature to us. At times we are loving. Other times we are monsters. My hope is the good souls that want to make a change get the opportunity to. My hope is those whose lives are brilliant lights stay enlightened and endure to create a healthier world. But those souls that want, that take, that see life and all in it as theirs, or theirs to take, I hope that they get wrangled in. That they learn satisfaction in simplicity. That they stop consuming the world like a cancer.

What helps us to live is what is killing us. I have no solutions for the world. I feel like a friend trying to let another know that they are an alcoholic and their consumption is killing them, while I am drinking myself. This is why we see movies at the end of the world and people are still working. They are still doing what they were supposed to do. They are trying to live in a system that won’t exist, but they don’t know how to escape the mindset that locks them into what it means to survive.

Okay, dystopian rant over.

Later Gator,


P.S. I had no intention of writing about this, but about the freedom to do something and the freedom from something. But it seems my mind is on the end of things. Probably because I see the world like the beginning of a movie with a news montage and then it cuts to 10 years later. A man and his family are walking on an stretch of old highway through Arizona. They have umbrellas shading them from the sun. The kids are ten and eleven, they don’t know what life was like before the first bomb. They only know what is like now. A second montage; The ocean completely contaminated with nuclear waste. Undrinkable, unusable, unlivable. The sea gave up its dead, sea creatures great and small washed ashore. The air in some parts of the world choked out the living. And in other parts it dried up. Back to the family, before the journey. The man had heard there was hope in a cave in Arizona. He heard it went so deep that they found fresh water, that it was pure, that people could, if they made it there, live. He convinced his wife it was their only hope. He didn’t know the way would be long and the journey could kill all of them. He didn’t know that highway was the territory of a biker gang. Some shit like that. Anyway, hope you have a great day.

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